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"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most"
-- John Ruskin

 Majolica Glaze Sample


Bright Red, Yellow, & Green brushed & trailed decoration
over Opaque Bright White glaze,
MAJ/GA: accented with Green Wood Ash glaze on larger pieces

 Copper Red Glaze Sample

Copper Red glaze
with gold/blue color wash decoration
CR/BLACK: accented with Black glaze on some pieces
CR/ASH: White and Gold wood ash glazes
with Copper Red splashes

 Secrest/Ohoto/Jugtown Glaze Sample


Temmoku Black, Iron Red, Clear Grey glazes
with White slip-trailed decoration
SOJ/p: accented with Copper Red `cherries' on larger pieces

 Longs Base/Blue Ash Glaze Sample


Clear Grey glaze top/inside,
Dark Blue Wood Ash glaze outside

 Michigan Blue/Light Blue Ash Glaze Sample


Blue glaze top/inside,
Light Blue Wood Ash glaze outside

 Oribe Green/Green Ash Glaze Sample


Forest Green glaze top/inside,
Green Wood Ash glaze outside

 Pink Ash Glaze Sample


Opaque Bright White glaze top/inside,
Mauve Pink Wood Ash glaze outside

 Rainbow Ash Glaze Sample


Rainbow combinations of White, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Blue/Green, Pink, Gold, and other wood ash glazes
Colors chosen depend upon my mood swings.

 Temmoku Black Glaze Sample


Temmoku Black glaze
with Bright Red, White, and Sky Blue trailed decoration
BLACK/MAJ: combined with MAJ on larger pieces

The colors shown here are approximate; differences in monitor settings, browsers and operating systems make exact color rendering impossible. Also, glaze variations are a natural part of the reduction stoneware firing process, and these variations are responsible for giving each piece its unique, individual character.
All our glazes are non-toxic, lead free, and food-safe for everyday use.

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