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teapot with infuser

Infuser holds loose tea for brewing
Teapot is approximately 6 inches tall; 6 inches diameter
Holds well over one quart
$ 120


Teaset includes teapot with infuser and four teacups
Teacups are 3
1/4 inches tall; 4 inches diameter
$ 155 / set

TEAPOTS and TEASETS are available in these colors:
LB/BA Dark Blue Wood Ash textured glaze with solid Clear Grey glaze inside and lip (pictured below)
MB/LBA Light Blue Wood Ash textured glaze with solid Blue glaze inside and bottom
OG/GA Green Wood Ash textured glaze with solid Green glaze inside and bottom (pictured above)
CR Copper Red glaze inside/top, with Gold/Blue color wash decoration middle, Temmoku Black bottom

Preheat teapot with hot tap water before use. To enhance the tea's flavor and to avoid thermal shock to the teapot, tea should be steeped in water that has not boiled.

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