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 to order is easy!

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The simplest way to shop our web site is to window- shop through the on-line gallery, jotting down the items you wish to order and the price per item as you go. Then move to the color chart to view large color samples, then to the availability chart to make sure the color you have chosen is available in the item you want, and, finally, fill out our internet order form. When you are done, either press submit, or print the form out on your printer and send it to us via snail-mail (this will insure the confidentiality of your credit-card information, if that is your
preferred method of payment).

Because we are a small "mom and pop" studio hand-crafting a wide variety of forms and colors, the exact piece you want may not be in stock. Although we will attempt to ship your order as soon as possible, since we only fire the kiln approximately once a month, depending upon when in our work cycle you place your order, it could possibly take as long as six to eight weeks to take delivery. However, if you order something we do have in stock, we can often ship the next day! If you plan to give pottery as a gift, we encourage you to allow plenty of time. We appreciate your patience
in working with us whenever necessary.
It will be well worth the wait!

We take great pride in how we pack our pieces for shipping, and when you see it you will know why! We do not charge extra for shipping and handling, but only pass on to you the amount U.P.S. or the post office charges us for their services. All shipments are insured for their value, and if anything is damaged in shipment, we ask that you immediately file a claim with the shipper and hold the packaging materials, if necessary,
according to their instructions.

For many years, we have shipped pottery on the "honor system", and our customers have never disappointed us. (Okay, I'll admit it, recently one deadbeat has broken our perfect record. You know who you are!)
We ask for no money down, and will simply include an invoice with the shipment, which you can pay after you have received and fallen in love with your pottery! If you prefer, we also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. For your security, we do not accept credit card numbers via the internet, nor will we ever solicit your number. If you choose this option, you can
(1) simply call us and give us your information, or
(2) fill out our internet order form, print it out and snail mail it to us, or (3) when you receive an invoice with your shipment, simply return the invoice with your credit card number, expiration date, and signature at the bottom.
Please don't let our faith in humanity be bruised again!

If for any reason you are unhappy with the piece you receive, we simply ask you to return it packaged in the container in which we shipped it to you, insured for its value, within 30 days. Since payment is on the "honor system", we won't even have to refund your money (unless you already paid us)! If you would like to exchange your selection for something else, we will be happy to do that, too!

Yes, we can do that!
Give us a call at 757/421-2729 to discuss the details.

 ...if it's in stock, we've got it!

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